Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A special visitor!

Last Tuesday morning, Mr Greatbatch (Aymon's dad) knocked on our door. He was holding a green container. Inside the container was......... a gecko or lizard.
After lots of talking, we decided to go to our school lizard expert Mrs Bridge to find out what she could share with us about our special visitor.
Mrs Bridge and Room 17 said that the lizard was a New

Zealand native animal. They researched the lizard and came back to us after morning tea. The animal is a New Zealand forest gecko. Together we decided to release the gecko after lunch. We had lots of people come and look at our gecko. Mr Koeck said he had just the right spot to release the lizard into.
We followed Mr Koeck down the path to a cool, shady spot by the creek between top and middle field. we let the gecko come out of the container. It began to go up the tree, then flipped back down onto the ground. Off our gecko goes... free and safe!!